In Literacy we aim to develop the pupils’ abilities to speak with confidence, clarity and fluency in a variety of situations for a variety of audiences.  Along with these skills we aim to develop the skills of listening in similar situations. It is important that we develop the pupils’ abilities in reading to enable them to read confidently, fluently and with understanding.  We aim to foster a love of reading so that children may grow to find enjoyment in a range of books as well as reading for information. In writing we aim to develop pupils’ abilities to write fluently and clearly for a range of audiences and purposes, setting down the work appropriately and using the conventions of the English language correctly. We use the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme to help develop the reading skills in our children.
We provide an environment that will give every opportunity for learning to read, write, speak and listen. We foster a healthy attitude towards this learning with thorough teaching of skills to ensure success.  We provide resources to encourage and motivate individuals to achieve the aims.  We endeavour to lay good foundations in basic skills at the Foundation stage and at KS1, then build on them in KS2.  We think of individual needs and interests to achieve successful progression.  We use different strategies and groupings to help to achieve this and we provide equal opportunities for all children.

For full policy please click on the following link. Literacy Policy May 2012

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