Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship is central to the educational entitlement of all children at Swallownest Primary School, and is an integral part of teaching R.E., Citizenship and Health and all other subjects, in particular, PE, Science, Geography and Speaking and Listening.

The school aims to develop awareness of self in relation to others and we teach children to have value and respect for themselves  to have respect  for others – the environment/living things/belongings. We seek to teach children to understand the rules, conflicts in their own society and begin to understand and respect different communities and cultures. We want children to be able to reflect upon their own behaviour and learning and begin to understand strategies for improvement to ensure that they enjoy and achieve.
We teach children to understand the essential areas of being an individual – developing confidence, independence, social skills and moral rights and we want them to understand the importance of adopting lifestyles which are physically, mentally and sexually healthy.

We want children to prepare children to take their place in a wide range of roles in preparation for adult life as a citizen. It is important that we teach children the knowledge to keep themselves safe and to make positive contributions to the life of the school and community.

Progression for PSHE and Citizenship is ensured through a scheme of work, which encompasses both SEAL and the Rotherham Healthy Schools Scheme of Work and follows statutory guidelines from the National Curriculum. Key areas, decided through analyses of whole school and class needs, are built into a long term plan for the year and are supported through assemblies and whole school initiatives. Medium term planning includes objectives, activities, success criteria and differentiation.

For full policy please click on the following link. PSHE Policy May 2012

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