Special Educational Needs

Our policy for SEN reflects the ethos of the school where all children are included, respected and their individual contributions are valued. We understand the special educational needs of children to be those requiring provision that is additional to or otherwise different from provision made generally for the children of the same age.


In line with the school’s mission statement, the aims of the SEN policy are:

  • To ensure that every child receives their entitlement to a broad balanced and differentiated curriculum.
  • To ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • To ensure that each child has access to a full range of social opportunities.
  • To ensure that all staff understand every child’s special educational needs and a consistent whole approach is adopted to meet these needs.
  • To ensure appropriate systems are in place at all times to support pupils, teachers, parents and other professionals in meeting special educational needs. 

For more details of our SEN information report please click here


Please click here for our SEN policy

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