Bullying affects everyone, not just bullies and victims. It also affects those other children who watch, and less aggressive pupils can be drawn in by peer pressure. It also affects whole families. Bullying is not an inevitable part of school life or a necessary part of growing up, and it rarely sorts itself out. It is clear that certain jokes, insults, intimidating and threatening behaviour, written abuse and violence are all found in our society. No one person or group of people, whether staff or pupils, should have to accept this type of behaviour. Only when all issues of bullying are addressed will a child best be able to benefit from the opportunities available at Swallownest Primary School.

This school believes that its adults and pupils have the right to work and learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment, without the fear of being bullied by anyone.
All schools, whatever their size, contain a small number of pupils with the potential to use bullying tactics. In a well disciplined and organised school such as Swallownest Primary School, the occurrence of such bullying can be minimised. The underlying belief is that bullying is a form of anti-social behaviour. Our policy promotes and supports the belief outlined above, and pupils, parents, guardians and adults are made fully aware that any bullying complaints will be dealt with firmly, fairly and promptly.

For full policy please click on the following link. Anti Bullying May 2013

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