Data Protection

The policy sets out the following:

  • Swallownest Primary School needs to collect and use information about people it deals with. This information may be about pupils, parents, members of staff, contractors and others.
  • Computers, paper records, e-mails, microfilm, CDs, audio tapes, CCTV footage etc., can all hold personal information.
  • The Data Protection Act 1998 and other laws (such as Human Rights Act, the law of confidence, etc.) require the proper handling of personal information.
  • People who give Swallownest Primary their personal information should be confident that information will be handled lawfully, fairly and with due regard to their rights at all times.
  • People giving personal information to Swallownest Primary need to be confident that it will be properly used. This confidence will enhance the success of the school’s operations.
  • This policy spells out the commitments to everyone whose personal information is used by Swallownest Primary. All employees will be made aware of this policy as part of their induction to the Council and periodically thereafter.

For full policy please click on the following link. Data Protection Policy May 2013

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