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Here at the Families Information Service we offer free information and advice to families on a range of local services and activities and also through our website

Parents will find details of Rotherham’s registered Child Minders which is constantly updated.  You will also find details of breakfast and after school provisions, nurseries and other early years education providers.

Please take a look at the website to find out other information available to families in Rotherham.
Rotherham FIS leaflet

If you find the website useful or would like more information, please leave a comment here.

Please see the following documents for updates to changes relating to Special Educational Needs:
Special Educational Needs reform fact file
The Information Exchange Vol 2 Issue 2


Family Learning

There is extensive evidence that learning as a family has a significant effect on the skills of parents and children. The learning experience brings families together and develops confidence. Family Learning positively impacts on children and young people’s attitudes to learning, their wellbeing, motivation and achievement levels. For parents and carers family learning brings advantages too – not only can it improve family relationships, as confidence grows, qualifications that seemed out of reach can be achieved. This helps to raise aspirations and develop skills for employment which break a cycle of deprivation holding back so many adults.


Family Learning aims to:

  • encourage families to have fun and enjoy learning together
  • make parents and carers aware of the positive impact their involvement can have

on their child’s  development

  • give parents and carers the confidence and knowledge to support their child
  • improve the literacy and numeracy skills of parents and carers
  • support the acquisition of literacy, language and numeracy skills of the child
  • promote a culture of life-long learning within the family and community
  • encourage progression to further learning.

Rotherham Adult Community Learning Service provides a selection of courses aimed at mums, dads, grandparents, carers and their children. All courses are run by qualified tutors and can be delivered in local schools, children’s centres or other settings such as libraries.


The service offers three types of courses:


  1. Wider Family Learning
  2. Family English, Maths and Language
  3. Holiday and Out of School Activities

The courses offer a variety of learning activities to develop knowledge about how a child learns and how this supports the early literacy, language and numeracy skills of the school curriculum.


This course information brochure outlines the range of family learning programmes available to schools and children’s centres to support parents learning alongside their children.



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