School Day and Staff

The School Day

Foundation Unit

Session times for F1 children – 9.00 am to 11.30am and 12.30pm to 3.00pm

Session times for F2 children – 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

Main School

Year 1 and Year 2 – * 8.55 am to 12 noon and 12.55 pm to 3.15 pm

Year 3 to Year 6 – * 8.55 am to 12 noon and 12.55 pm to 3.20 pm

*Please note that the doors open at 8.50 am.

Parents / Carers are responsible for the safety and supervision of their child in the playground before 8.50am.

Our staffing is as follows:

Mr L McHale                          Headteacher (Designated Child Protection Officer)

Mrs E Peake                           Deputy Headteacher, Y2 teacher and Literacy Leader

Mrs R Toseland                      F1 teacher, SENCO & Geography Leader

Mrs S Evenden                        F2 teacher

Miss S Edwards                      Y1 teacher & EYFS Leader

Mrs R Mbikayi                       Y2 teacher PE Leader

Mr C Hastie                            Y3 teacher, RE and Computing Leader

Miss B McKay                        Y4 teacher

Mr K Meadows                      Y5 teacher and Maths Leader

Mr M Webb                            Y6 teacher and Literacy Lead


Mrs J Mathieson – School Business Manager

Ms S Patrick – Clerical Assistant

Mr P Anthony – Site Officer


Mrs T Briggs – HLTA

Mr Callum Clarke – HLTA

Mrs B George – HLTA

Mrs M Wolstenholme – HLTA (Inclusion)


Mrs W Bray – Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Dawson – Teaching Assistant

Miss N Duncan – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Gray – Teaching Assistant

Miss V Hague – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Holyman – Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Hucknell – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Wilcock – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Windsor – Teaching Assistant, Learning Mentor and Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs J McCulloch – Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Ozyer- key – Teaching Assistant


Ms S Brotherton – Relief Schools Meals Assistant

Mrs J Davison – Schools Meals Assistant

Mrs C Duke – Schools Meals Assistant

Mrs T Hall – Schools Meals Assistant

Mrs J Noble – Schools Meals Assistant

Mrs S Tyler – Schools Meals Assistant

Mrs S Savory – Schools Meals Assistant

Ms A Storey – Relief Schools Meals Assistant

Mrs J Walker – Schools Meals Assistant


Mrs L Lewis – Cleaner & Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs S McIntyre – Cleaner


Mrs A Salvin – Dining Room Assistant

Mrs K Fisher – Dining Room Assistant

Mrs D Hattersley – Dining Room Assistant

Mrs J Trow – Dining Room Assistant

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